Yule Login

Designed by One Trick Pony

“Alcoholidays” is One Trick Pony’s annual self-promotion that celebrates awesome clients and hard work with a little hard liquor. For this year’s Alcoholidays we sent clients bottles of tequila packaged, rather – concealed, in a hollowed out wooden log. Each bottle of tequila came complete with a custom label and shot glass, both made of wood, with design and instructions burnt into them. Clients opened the log packaging to reveal this year’s theme YULE LOGIN – as in you’ll read the instructions on the bottle’s label, then YULE LOGIN to our mobile site to find all your favorite ponies ready to toast to The Alcoholidays on Facebook and Twitter. Each client received a personalized password and could also create their own toast. Check it out at yulelogin.com.”

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    Yule Login Designed by One Trick Pony “Alcoholidays” is One Trick Pony’s annual self-promotion that celebrates awesome...
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